Rubber Band Audio

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Download a Demo

The demo version of Rubber Band Audio contains all of the processing goodness of the full application, and produces identical high-quality output.

Of course, it has some limitations. You can only save one file during each run of the application. You can't export files by drag-and-drop in this demo, or adjust a set of audio files at once, as you can with the full version. And it only has a single, default colour theme instead of the selectable theme of the full version.


Rubber Band Audio Demo v2.0.1 for Windows

Compatible with 64-bit Intel PCs running Windows 7 or newer.


Rubber Band Audio Demo v2.0.1 for Mac

Compatible with Macs running macOS 10.13 or newer.
Includes support for 64-bit Intel and Apple Silicon architectures.


Rubber Band Audio Demo v2.0.1 for Linux

Compatible with 64-bit Ubuntu 18.04+ and most other 64-bit Intel Linux distributions.

The download is an AppImage file.
Save it, make it executable, and then run it.

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